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Mission Statement

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2021 Union Table Purpose Statement

Working people are on the front lines of every issue that impacts New York City.  From Covid-19 and its impact on our communities to access to quality education to disparate police practices, working people bear the brunt of the decisions made by elected officials and policymakers. Our members know firsthand what it means to be essential workers and do the work that keeps the city running and our communities thriving.    

Workers make this city run and Workers need to have a voice in how it’s done,  including how the city recovers. This is why our unions have come together to provide our members and all working-class New Yorkers with a real opportunity to be heard this election season.  Together, we represent 362,000 New Yorkers and hope to also carry the voices of unrepresented workers to the forefront of all conversations about the direction that New York City should go.  Working people deserve a seat at the table - the head of the table – and we have joined forces to make that a reality. 

Together we plan to elect a pro-labor majority in the New York City Council that will consider first the needs of working people and their communities first.  Workers deserve a Council that knows who they are and the value that they bring to this great city.  We aim to elect a Council that will work to make sure our members continue to thrive and build the middle class of this city.