CWA applauds Mayor deBlasio's proposal to ensure that the deaths of any city worker from Covid-19 be classified as "line of duty" deaths, entitling their survivors to death benefits and pensions.  We are 100% in support of this effort.  At a cost of roughly $15 million a year, the cost of providing these benefits is a very small price to pay for the sacrifices made by these brave city workers.

However, we know this will be a hard fight.  We will have to win passage of legislation in Albany to make this happen.  The city CANNOT do this on its own.

Dear Traffic Supervisors:

As you know, we have been fighting with the Police Department and the Mayor over your unfair and outrageous exclusion from the Partially Paid Child Care Leave program implemented by the city.

Attached please see the letter we wrote to Mayor deBlasio about this late last week.  As of today, we have not received an answer.

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CWA Local 1181, District 1, AFL-CIO
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Three health care entities have stepped forward to offer free coronavirus testing programs for the NYPD, bringing the total number testing facilities available to 74.

New Testing Locations:

Montefiore Health System

CWA has been in discussions with the NYPD regarding our members that have underlying serious medical conditions such as heart disease, chronic lung disease, compromised immune systems, cancer and diabetes.

As we work through how to handle members with high risk medical conditions please notify your Commanding Officer when you report for duty that you fall into this category. If you’re unable to report because of one or more of the above medical conditions please make sure you call your command and the sick desk.

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Workers of America

Christopher Shelton

Dennis G. Trainor
Vice President
District 1


March 26, 2020
Ms. Renee Campion
Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations
40 Rector Street
New York, NY 10006