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We're Stronger Together. Don't trust David Casey. Stick with our Union.

18 Jun, 2021

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Former 1181 President David Casey is trying to tear our union apart.

Since being removed from office after repeated offenses of misappropriation of our dues money, he has been attempting to get 1181 members to leave our union and join a new union - and he's already appointed himself President without an election!

He's been doing this by giving people false promises and misrepresenting himself, and our union.

These are the facts. 

Inappropriate + Offensive Behavior
  • 30 day suspension + 1 year probation in 2016 for the use of racist derogatory words on numerous occasions, including use of the N-word.

He Filled His Pockets with Our Money - Misappropriation of at Least $50,000

  • Paid himself overtime for union business making his daily rate $300.
  • Accused by his own Executive Board of spending over $3,400 of our dues money at a conference in Florida.
  • Accused by his own Executive Board of spending over $4,000 of our dues money at a conference in the Dominican Republic.
  • As President of the Local, he was voted out as Trustee of the funds by the other Trustees.
  • Forged the signature of our Secretary Treasurer on a union check to himself.
  • Gave himself a raise - using our dues money - without approval from the membership or the Executive Board.
  • Wrote $13,900 in checks to himself from our dues funds.
  • Because he'd bled the Local dry & put us more than $31,000 into debt, he used our benefits money to foot half the bill for a $72,000 office space.

David Casey has never had our best interest in mind.

He is racist, irresponsible, and ran our union like his own personal bank account. Do not trust him. Stick with our union.

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