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Letter from 1181 President Rebecca Greene: Our union is under attack

20 May, 2021

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May 20, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our union is under attack. David Casey, a losing candidate who failed to win our recent election, has decided that rather than help to build up our union, he wants to tear it down.

David has asked members to sign official legal documents to leave our union and to join a failed union called ILEBA. ILEBA is nothing more than a dues-collection agency run by someone who has declared himself "president for life." ILEBA has been losing members by the hundreds each year, as their union fails. ILEBA is under investigation for fraud and corruption. Our local was trusteed because of tens of thousands of dollars that were misappropriated during David Casey's time as President.

DO NOT SIGN ANY PETITION! It is a trap. Oftentimes, disgruntled members make deals with these so called independent unions. We have no idea what deal, if any, David Casey has made with ILEBA, but we suspect David knows how to line his pockets with our money.

We just had an election, we are out of trusteeship, we can now build up our union. We want YOU to get involved! We need stewards in every depot. Let's build power back in to our union. Let's build it up, not tear it down!

In Unity,
Rebecca Greene
President, CWA Local 1181

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